July 13, 2020

Tests have shown that the Galloways requires the least amount of feed per kilogram of weight gain making the cattle efficient converters. The Belted Galloway consume more varieties of flora than any other breed on tests conducted in Germany/Scotland.

The Belted Galloway’s heavy double hair coat means that heat loss is reduced, winter feed costs are significantly less and rain hardly penetrates in cold, wet weather. The Belted Galloway cow has about 4000 hairs to the square inch making the coat resistant to severe cold.

Belted Galloway Beef has been shown in a research study conducted at the University of Guelph – to have a total fat content of about 2% an extremely low percentage. The same study showed that the Belted Galloway Beef tested only contained about 1% saturated fat. In addition it showed that Belted Galloway beef had the same fat content as chicken and fish so fits in well with a healthy diet. Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally tender, full of flavour and juicy and were the winners of the 2003 Sydney Royal Show “Beef Taste Test”.
Data collected in the U.S. has shown that the beef dresses out at 60 – 62% of live weight making it a very profitable breed.

The Belted Galloway is popular in a number of countries ranging from Britain and Ireland to Australia, America, Canada and Switzerland.

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